Trading Tools

Here are some trading tools a new trader will utilize.

Stock Broker

In order to purchase and sell stock you will need a Broker. Every broker is different and you get what you pay for. Some will charge you a low commission but you are paying for the platform, and others will charge you high commission but the platform is free.

Paper Trading

This is essential to learn how to paper trade before you use real money. Find a Broker that you can papertrade on the platform. Otherwise you may want to check out some Paper Trading Platforms. Enter and exiting trades, getting comfortable with the platform will help you feel comfortable with money.

Stock Screeners

Screening for stock for Day Trading is important to find the best stock to play. Some Brokers have built in ones and their are website that are a great addition to your Broker if it doesn’t have one.

Trading Journal

Analyzing your trades to see what’s working and what’s not can help your learning curve. Some sites even work with a paper trading account.


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