In order to be a successful Day Trader it is important to Learn Trading from someone who has been successful in the Market. You'll need to learn the In's and Out's of the Market, and understand different Strategies to be successful. Click Here to learn about the Five Different Types of Traders.

Below is a list of Educational Services you can learn from to jump start your Trading Career.

Tim Sykes

tim sykes



If you don't know who Tim Sykes is, he is the person you'll think about in the Penny Stock world. Tim is well known for turning his $12k Bar Mitzvah money into Millions of Dollars. Below is a list of Services that Tim Offers

  1. DVD's: If you want to watch and learn some of Tim's Strategies you can purchase some of his DVD's. Not all of the DVD's on are his. Below are the Best Sellers:
    1. Trading Tickers
    2. SchoolTrader
    3. How To Make Millions (70% Off)
    4. Trading Around the Equilibrium
  2. Tim Alerts: If you want access to a ChatRoom, see Tim's Watchlist and receive realtime alerts when Tim gets in and out of a Trade.
  3. PennyStocking Silver: You get everything with Tim Alerts, and the following:
    1. Access to over 4,400+ Vide Lessons
    2. Weekly Video Lessons
  4. Tim's Challenge: You get everything with Tim Alerts and PennyStocking Silver, and the following:
    1. Access to all Training Materials
    2. Access to all DVD's

Investors Underground

Investors Underground




Investors Underground is the #1 Online Day Trading Community that has membership of Traders from around the world. What's great about Investors Underground is the support by the team of Successful Traders!

Investors Underground Provides:

  1. Educational Materials- 2 Day Trading courses, Weekly Trade Recap videos, and Webinars
  2. Stock Market Guidance- Through Chat commentary and 1-on-1 mentorship.
  3. Day Trading Resources- Daily Stock Watch Lists, Discus market Activity and a library of trading educational material.
  4. Community Support- Ask for help on a particular setup or day trading general questions in the chat room moderators to help you become more successful.

Dekmar Trades

dekmar trades





Dekmar Trades has helped over 3,000 Traders and is a community of successful trader who provides a Live Trading Stream Daily. What's different about Dekmar compared to Tim Sykes is that Dekmar provides visibility of his screen and all of his trades live so you can participate and see in real time of Dekmar trading. This can have a huge impact on the Learning Curve for new Traders. A couple more benefits of Dekmar Trades:

  1. Live Trading Stream: Watch Dekmar Trade Live during the market, his watchlist, entry and hit points, and the next big play.
  2. Trading Chat Rooms: Dekmar Trades has Four Trading Rooms you can be a part of to better filter out Chat Noise:
    1. Trading Chat- Entry, Exits, and Stocks to look for
    2. Public Chat- All Chat for all Traders (Specifically New Ones)
    3. Swing Chat- Long term (over 1 Day Stock Hold) Chat Room
    4. Profit Chat- Shout out your Success and post your Profits!
  3. Watchlist: Current list updates every 30 seconds and is connected to the charting software.
  4. Alert Box: Be in the know for the Long or Short Trade, entry Price Points, where your stop loss is, and where you should exit your trade
  5. SMS Alert: Get notified on your phone when Dekmar makes a trade.
  6. Morning Newsletter: Be prepared in the morning of the Daily Market Briefing, Stock picks, and Stocks to Watch for the day.
  7. Video Library: 100's of Vide Recaps and Lessons


Mastermind Tradersmastermind traders





Mastermind Traders is an Educational Program that is Three Months Long and broken to 12 Different Video Modules.  You'll start with the basics and build upon it each week. Because the course is online, you can watch the veto at your convenience and learn. You'll also have access to the following:

  1. Access to the Closed Facebook Support Group
  2. Support desk to ask any questions
  3. Personal 1-on-1 Trading coach for 3 Bonus Sessions

After your education you have the option for the following:

  1. MMT Trade Alerts: Sent to your email inbox and text to your phone. Minimum of 3 trades each month making on the live trading account. Video with each trade showing exactly how the trade was placed in the Live Trading Account.
  2. Intraday Trading Course:
  3. MMT Mentorship:

Other Day Trading Educational Services




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