Trader2B is a Proprietary Firm that provides Funding, Training and Coaching for new traders. Also known as a "Prop Firm", Trading financial instruments using the firm's own money (Instead of your own) to make a Profit for the Firm. Typically when this happens you'll have to share a percentage of the Profits for the Prop Firm.

Trader2B provides the following to their traders:

  1. Software
  2. Capital
  3. Training

Trader2B provides a funded account upon your approval and gives you up to 90% Profit share.


To become a remote Prop Trader With Trader2B:

  1. Apply Online- Fill out the application form and subscribe to the trading software
  2. Make the Commitment- You'll get to practice right away during the Evaluation Period
  3. Finish the Evaluation Period- You must make a net Profit of $1000 and complete 300 trades.
  4. The Sky is the Limit- Depending on how much you make, you can earn between 50-90% of the Net Profit you generate!

Ready to find out more?

Check out the Trade2B for more Information!

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