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List of DVD’s that Tim Sykes provides on Day Trading

Tim Sykes is a penny stock trader who is well known for turning $12k into a couple of millions of dollars. He also has an education program, chat service and stand alone DVD's you can purchase to increase your education on day trading. Below are a list of DVD's that Tim Sykes offers on Profit.ly.


tim sykes learn level 2


Learn Level 2 A 6-hour video package that teaches viewers how to use and read Level 2 quotes. Traders often use Level 2 quotes to choose better trades and get better executions…a few cents/share here and there on every trade really does add up so Timothy teaches how to profit from predicting where other people place their stop losses, recognize ideal setups, market maker games and pockets of opportunity in order to minimize mistakes and get ideal executions.


Read Sec Filings Is a 10-hour video package that teaches you how to read and analyze all sorts of SEC filings. One of Timothy’s best students, Michael Goode chimes in for several hours with his own investigating so viewers can compare our two differing research methods. These filings have always been long, technical and boring, but we will simplify the process and make it understandable to even the biggest beginners out there. Not only great for discovering penny stock scams, learning to read SEC filings will help you better understand how to analyze companies of all sizes and their market valuations. This DVD package is a must for anyone involved in the finance industry, not just traders but investors too.

Short Stocking

Shortstocking is a 6 hours video package guide teaching you how to short sell stocks.

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