Stock Brokers

You will need a broker to buy and sell stock. The differences between brokers are Customer Service, Commissions (Per share or per trade), Minimum funding requirements, and Platform fees.

Speed Trader

  • $4.49 Per Trade
  • 40¢ ($0.40) Options
  • Advanced Level-2 Trading Platforms & Software
  • Direct Access Trading Technology
  • Free 14-Day Virtual Paper Trading Account
  • Get $100 Credit when opening a new account
  • Start Trading Stocks & Options with only $500
  • No Pattern Day Trading Restrictions
  • $4.95 Per-Trade + 6:1 Leverage
  • Largest Short-List with over 10,000 symbols
  • $4.95 Per Trade
  • 65¢ Options (+ $4.95 Base)
  • #1 in Customer Service by SmartMoney
  • $100 in Free Trade Commission with $1 Deposit
  • $500 in Free Trade Commission with $500 Deposit
  • $1k in Free Trade Commission with $5k Deposit 


  • $9.99 per trade
  • Free platform and data feed.
  • Mac compatible
  • Commission Free for 60 Days
  • Compatible with EquityFeed

Interactive Brokers

  • Fixed Pricing of .005 cents per share or
  • Tiered Pricing starting at .0034 per share
  • Free Platform and low data fees
  • Mac Compatible
  • Compatible with EquityFeed

Here are a couple of things you can download that are useful

Stock Charts

Some Brokers have platforms for charts, and you can utilize others if you broker does not have a great platform

Level 2 Data

Some Brokers have platform fees that come with Level 2. You can use other sites that have just Level 2 data.

Stock Scanners and Screeners

Share Size Calculator

This excel sheet will help you calculate the share size for the amount of money you are willing to risk. Click Here to Download.

Trading Journal

Keep track of your trades in a Journal Here. If you prefer a website to do it, you can join for free at , Stock Trader, or Tradervue.

Chart Patterns

1 Page PDF download for a quick reference.

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